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Concrete Barrier

TraMar specializes in providing several types of barrier for use by General Contractors, municipalities, utility companies, developers and the general public for the purpose of traffic control and safety protection.

Concrete barrier not only protects workers and travelers on roadways under construction but has been used as protection around gas or propane tanks. Utilities can protect against heavy equipment or vacant property and drives can have barriers used to block access. Recently concrete barrier has been used in flood control situations.

TraMar can provide height transitions or attenuators along with other traffic protection.

Concrete barrier is a great way to keep materials from mixing by forming separate storage bins. What’s great is the size of the storage bin can change since the barrier is precast and movable.

Current MoDot approved concrete barrier is type ”F” triple loop. They are 12’5” long, 22.5” wide at the base and 8” wide on top. The barrier weight is 5,200 lbs each. The double loop design is still accepted by MoDot if fabricated prior to 2004.

TraMar provides the full service of providing, setting and removal of the barrier as needed

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